Arcadia High School

Orchesis Dance Company

2021 - 2022

About Us


Arcadia High School’s Orchesis Dance Company has graced the stages of Arcadia for over 40 years. Originally, Orchesis Dance Company was a club for students who wanted to further their modern dance skills. Over the years, Orchesis has evolved into a unique program that teaches its dancers artistic growth and leadership skills, pushing the boundaries of high school dance to a more professional and elite caliber.

During the school year, Orchesis hosts and participates in many performances, such as Arcadia High School assemblies, the Charity Dance Show, the Orchesis Spring Production, the Arcadia High School Dance Department Spring Dance Recital, and multiple outside productions across Southern California. These performances showcase student-choreographed pieces, as well as pieces created by renowned and professional dancers/choreographers in the Los Angeles area. Student choreography is not only incorporated into the Orchesis Dance Company program curriculum, but heavily encouraged. Company members receive choreographic workshops and opportunities, fostering their creativity and growth in their skills as choreographers and dancers. 

This specialized program allows students to explore and develop into leaders, artists, and individuals. The mission of the Arcadia High School Dance Department and Orchesis Dance Company is to push our dancers, continue their growth, and provide the highest level of dance training and opportunities. Most of all, we strive to create a safe space for our students to be free and open, to feel valued and heard, and to be able to learn and grow. 

Introducing the
Maze of Memories!

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The Maze of Memories is a place of mystery and rediscovery where you will encounter waves of self-reflection, loss, love, and most importantly, growth. The maze represents a connection to people as individuals, utilizing a common thread of feelings and emotions that we experience throughout life. Some of these feelings may rekindle enjoyable memories while others shed light on unpleasant experiences. However, growth is found through accepting each of these feelings.

Our Motto

words of wisdom to inspire and guide us this year

"Never Back Down"

"It always seems impossible until it's done"
-Nelson Mandela

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