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Impact On Students

Dance improves student’s physical, psychological, and social well being. These benefits combined also improves student dancers when in an academic setting. 

Learning choreography requires intensive memorization and coordination, which applied to a classroom setting is extremely beneficial when absorbing information. 

Creative and critical thinking can be amplified in a classroom environment through practice and improvisation through dancing.

Orchesis Dance Company

∙Physical Fitness∙

One of the best things about dance is that it is an enjoyable workout improving endurance, stamina and energy. Dance also helps improve body and neurological coordination, building muscle and flexibility. Orchesis requires high endurance, stamina and energy to dance full-out during routines and performances. The dancers are working out whilst enjoying themselves simultaneously.

∙Creative Outlets∙

∙Confidence & Self Esteem∙


Oftentimes there are some students that do not have an emotional outlet, and dance is a solution. Words are often hard to comprehend, this is where action comes to play. Dancing is cathartic. Dance is a form of self-expression and messages. Using creativity, choreography and movements are formed to convey expressions, stories, and messages. 

Part of dancing includes performing in front of an audience, either yourself or others. Performing in front of people is a challenge/risk but it is also a way to build confidence overtime. A dancer who has practice performing in front of audiences would develop high self-esteem, because after all no one should care what people think of you. Be who you are, not what they want you to be. 

Orchesis involves a large group of talented dancers that work together on different routines and events. It allows for a collaborative effort along with bonding, promoting the importance of teamwork and develops the ability to work successfully in a group environment. Students choreograph together to create a piece that conveys a message they too may relate with.

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