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Maze of Memories

Introducing the Maze of Memories, a place of mystery and rediscovery that connects the feelings we encounter through life to our personal growth. Each section of the maze represents an emotion that relates to moments in our lives, rather they rekindle enjoyable moments or shed light on unpleasant memories. They work together to play integral role in our lives, developing our senses of individuality and strength. These feelings and experiences are all pieces of one big puzzle, our life, and they each individually and distinctly add to the bigger picture. It is not often that we get to see our experiences and memories from an outside point of view, but through this maze, we are able to look into one’s life experiences. 

Join us on the following nights to a experience a journey self-reflection:

  • Thursday : April 28 at 7pm

  • Friday: April 29 at 7pm

  • Saturday: April 30 at 6pm

In consideration for the health and safety of all those attending, the PAC theater will be sold a minimum capacity with assigned seating. We recommend purchasing all tickets at once and as soon as possible to ensure your entire party is sitting together. Individuals can select their desired seats utilizing the seat map generator on the ticket purchasing website. We highly encourage our audience to wear masks during the show and refrain from eating snacks outside of the designated concession area. Allow us to take you on an inspiring and fulfilling journey where you can get lost in the breathtaking stories and discover the hidden memories within the maze.